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Parent- Baby Bonding Through the Five Senses

By the time a pregnancy is confirmed, sensory development of the unborn baby has already begun! Whether it is a conscious action of the mother or unconscious action of the developing baby, the bonding between them begins months before the mother holds her babe in her arms for the first time. This happens through development of the five senses: touching, smelling, tasting, hearing and seeing.

Learning to Learn Part 3: The Payoff

Learning to Learn Part 3: The Payoff Jennifer Hurd Tucker Now that you have we have went over specific techniques for organizing and studying based on learning styles, we will focus on the payoff: taking the test. As with studying and getting oragnaized, there are different techniques for the different learning styles. Test-taking Testing is a necessary part of the learning process. You can actually learn more information while taking a test. The biggest obstacle children face while testin…

Learning to Learn Part 1: Planning

We all want our children to succeed in all aspects of life, and success in school is a common priority.

Community Service with Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels has been a vital presence in our community for 30 years. So what is Meals on Wheels and how can you get involved? Make volunteering a family affair!

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